December 24, 2021 Happy Holidays

It has been quite a year for so many of us. For me, I am grateful that my family is healthy, that we have a home and food on the table, that many of us musicians are able to work and perform in person again. I am grateful to those composers and musicians who contributed their unique voices and amazing artistry to the “In Tandem” project during this challenging year. And I am hopeful that through our art, we musicians can lead the way for a better world.

In the spirit of reflection and nostalgia during the holiday season, I wanted to share this small musical offering.

Wishing all of you peace and happiness in the coming year. Luci


  1. Dear Lucia.

    Have a wonderful Holidays with family and healthy new year. It was nice to read your delightful year end reflections. I thought you did great in all the performances. Bravo.

    Bo Youp Hwang



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